Bryan M.


Cate and Chris, thanks for the superb service on short notice. It is good to work with experts. Thank you!

Jan G.


Chris was delightful!  I am so glad to have found your company!
Thank you!!

Nicole P.


Thoroughness, Quality, Customer Service, Timeliness
Very professional and helpful. Gave me the opportunity to replace a broken screw on my elliptical on my own without incurring the cost of additional service calls. Excellent customer service and customer focus.

Shelly M.


Chris replaced the Front Roller on our treadmill, yesterday, and showed us how to lubricate the belt. It works really well, now. We're so glad to have it back in service!

Thanks very much for a great job!

Cynthia J.


I needed repair on my treadmill.  Although I use it everyday and have had the treadmill for over 10 years I had never had any maintenance or repairs done so it was long overdue.  I had become concerned because the belt had started to slip, which can cause a nasty fall and serious injury.  I emailed Atlantic Fitness Repair and they responded right away and set up an appointment for me within a couple days.  The technician showed up right on time and was able to repair my treadmill and also performed some other maintenance work like tightening the frame, checking the motor, lubricating the belt etc.  I was very pleasantly surprised that everything was done on that first visit and there were no hidden costs. The technician was very honest, professional and courteous. The price for repair and maintenance was very reasonable.  Atlantic Fitness Repair is an honest company and I would definitely call on them again if needed.

I received great customer service today at a reasonable price and it is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Jack S.


Sadly, I seem to require a lot of service visits from a lot of different types of folks.  My experience with Chris was so unusual in its professionalism that I'm prompted to write my first ever review. Scheduling was easy, done by email.  He arrived early, and was very gracious about the fact that I arrived at my house 10 minutes late.  He was extraordinarily knowledgeable, and focused the whole discussion on the "is it worth fixing?" question, which was the main issue.   I was happy to pay $125 for an hour of his time.

Diane L.


Your tech today, Chris, was fantastic.  He was knowledgeable, courteous, informative and patient. Rare in today’s business environment!  Thank you for sending him!

George S.


Thanks! The treadmill is now 'fully armed and operational' - excellent service. 

Denise A.


Thanks for all of your help.  I'll be in touch when I am ready to proceed.  Thanks again for your excellent customer service!

Karen T.


It was a pleasure to have your technician come to my home to repair my equipment.  I was fortunate in that I had a calibration issue and did not require much work.  Your representative was professional, considerate and detail.  He did not rush the service call.  He took time to answer all of my questions.  I appreciated his professionalism.  Now I have no excuse, I can exercise!  Thank you. 

Amanda and Wes M.


I wanted to thank you and Chris for fixing our treadclimber.  It works better now than it did before it broke!  There used to be a little hesitation with the motor, which was probably a sign that the motor was about to give out.  The hesitation is gone and the entire machine runs very smoothly, including the treadles and pistons.  I am very happy with the service Atlantic Fitness Repair provided and will definitely recommend you in the future. 


Once again, thank you for all of your efforts. 

Marjorie V.


Thank you and thanks to Chris as well.  I will definitely recommend you to others in need of your repair services! 

Nancy B.


Thanks for tracking down the answer. It was great to meet you and I appreciate the unbiased advise about purchasing a new treadmill. I'm glad to refer folks your way and I'm relieve to know who to call for the next service issue.

Enjoy your weekend. 

Kevin V.


Thanks much!  Your service is great and we'll definitely refer you when we have the opportunity.  You guys are great! 

Frazier P.


Thanks so much for your help and excellent customer service.  Chris was terrific and we will always use your services in the future should be need them.

Our elliptical is working perfectly based on your evaluation of the problem.  Anything else we can do to promote your company, just let us know. 

Trevor C.


Great! Thanks so much Chris.


Once again, thank you for your support with this issue. It's very rare to see this type of customer service from companies these days. 

Clayton S.


I needed repair service for my Image 10.6QL treadmill. The treadmill was hesitating/skipping while running on it. Atlantic Fitness Repair replaced the walking belt, driver motor belt, and performed basic periodic maintenance.


I needed repair service for my Image 10.6QL treadmill. On 02 Oct  I called Atlantic Fitness Repair (AFR) and described the problem to them (the treadmill was hesitating/skipping while running on it) and told them I had previously ordered replacement belts (walk belt and motor drive belt) .  They promptly provided an estimate and set an appointment for 09Oct (when I would be home).  I was given at 2 hour appointment window 12:00 – 2:00 and Chris arrived around 12:30. I did receive an appointment confirmation  reminder the day before. 


I reviewed with Chris the symptoms and then he went to work. He diagnosed the issues (worn belts), performed periodic maintenance.  I was working up stairs and could hear that after Chris did the repairs he spent some time running on the treadmill to ensure the problem was corrected prior to having me check it out. He then asked if I would check it out to ensure I was satisfied. He also took the time to go over some basic items with me (such as new motor drive belt would  make a small sound until the belt seam smoothed out) how to lube the walking belt. At no charge he also repaired a storage bracket that had broken off.  He provided an invoice and I was charged the quoted rate with no hidden charges (I did opt to purchase some belt lube). Even the purchase of the belt lube was pleasant,was not a hard sale, Chris was quick to point out that I could easily purchase it elsewhere (but for me it was convenient).


Very pleasant experience, they were responsive, knowledgeable, and prompt.

Liz S.



My experience with my treadmill repair couldn't have been better.

I emailed the company this morning about some issues with my very old (mid 90's!!) treadmill.  Chris happened to be in Northern Virginia, and was able to be at my house within a couple hours.  Since he maintains and repairs treadmills all day, he is definitely an expert! He was really helpful, even showing me how to tweak the old thing myself to keep it going as long as possible. Personable, professional - what a rare treat these days.   Plus, the service call seemed extremely reasonable as it buys me time to look around before I invest in a new machine.

Ken M.



These folks do fitness equipment repair with a specialty for treadmills.  

I bought what a lot of companies consider to be a "mid-range" treadmill even though it cost over $1,000 at the time.  I wanted something for my home so I could avoid the gym.

Over the years, it developed a small issue that I wasn't sure how to fix myself (I'm really not a handy man type).  I looked and looked on the Internet and finally found Atlantic Fitness Repair.

They were quick to respond to my e-mail with a quote and set an appointment right away.  When the technician came to my home he was able to diagnose the problem easily and do a quick repair.  He also took the time to look at the rest of the treadmill to see if there was anything else that might need some maintenance or repair.

All in all, a great experience with an honest and reasonably priced service.  I recommend these folks to anyone who has fitness equipment (commercial or residential) in the Mid-Atlantic area.